NewsLocalCompromise solution looms over delays in Gesy's induction of new life-saving drugs

Compromise solution looms over delays in Gesy’s induction of new life-saving drugs

A compromise solution could soon be reached as regards delays in the approval for induction into the island’s General Health System (Gesy) of new life-saving drug treatments.

This is what Philenews reported on Wednesday, adding that the Health Minister on Monday will preside on Monday another meeting on this hot issue.

Participants will be representatives of the Health Insurance Organisation and of pharmaceutical firms.

Insiders said the proposal provides for the re-distribution of time-consuming procedures so that faster induction of medicines in Gesy is achieved.

The state of play today provides that a new medicine’s induction is preceded by an evaluation and preparation of an updated protocol by the Scientific Medicines Advisory Committee.

And then negotiation and completion of the process by the Medicines Reimbursement Advisory Committee follows to determine the final price.

After the relevant review this is finally included in Gesy’s List of Pharmaceutical Products but delays are long. But life-saving drugs have to be provided promptly, health experts warn.

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