NewsLocalCompletely damming Arakapas fire video presented in court  

Completely damming Arakapas fire video presented in court  

The trial of a 67-year-old man believed to be responsible for starting the ferocious fire in Arakapas in July 2021 continued on Wednesday with a completely damning video presented in court.

The Arakapas fire had killed four Egyptian men and destroyed some 55 square kilometres of forest, cultivations, homes and other property.

The fire, which was the worst in living memory in the history of the Republic, burned houses, businesses, pine forest, crops, and left 10 communities reeling.

The man still standing trial before Limassol Assize Court has pleaded not guilty to charges.

However, the video which was captured by a citizen who happened to be passing by the area at the time shows the fire starting right in front of the 67-year-old’s field.

Specifically, just a few meters from its border and into the river where reedbeds and wild vegetation are seen.

At the same time, more than 550 photographs on Wednesday were submitted as evidence including   a number of aerial ones.

The trial was adjourned till mid-November.

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