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Complaint about inappropriate behavior by ambulance staff

In a written message, a woman filed a complaint about the way her 82-year-old grand-mother who died a few days ago was treated by the ambulance staff.

The woman said she had called an ambulance to transfer her grand-mother to hospital since she could not breathe.

She noted that the ambulance was late going to the house, the staff refrained from touching her grand-mother demanding a Covid-19 test and then left for the hospital in a relaxed way, without speeding or using a siren.

She added that for two hours she had no news about her grand-mother and finally the family was informed that the old woman had died of a heart failure.

Fileleftheros contacted the spokesman of OKYPY who said that when there are complaints they are being investigated and prompted the people to file complaints so that any gaps or weaknesses will be fixed.

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