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Community of Ukraine-Cyprus Friendship calls for solidarity

The Community of Ukraine-Cyprus Friendship on Wednesday called on Cypriots not to allow Russia’s propaganda to prevail and to support efforts towards stopping the aggressor in any way possible.

This is the full statement:

“Dear Cypriot community…

As many of you already know, Ukraine has been defending itself against brutal military attacks of Russia for the last 7 days now. Russia has viciously attacked and continues to do so mercilessly shelling and bombing civilians and Ukrainian cities. There are many victims, including children and women. Russian troops are constantly attacking civilians. Russian propaganda is putting enormous efforts to distort information disguising Russia’s crimes. Ukraine is an independent sovereign state that never wanted to be part of Russia, 8 years ago or today.

We ask for objective and truthful coverage of events in Ukraine on all European media channels. We, the Ukrainians living in Cyprus, wives, children and husbands of the Cypriot population, professionals who bring their expertise to the country, your colleagues, appeal to you to support Ukraine and stop the aggressor in any way possible.

Ukrainians will not give up. All the people of Ukraine have united to repel the enemy.

Ukraine did not start this war and never asked Russia to defend its territories or people. Russia has violated the sovereignty of our state and is threatening the lives of our people and our children. The media, the government and the people of Cyprus, we once again ask you to reveal the truth about the war as much as possible. We have indisputable video and photo evidence of Russia’s deadly actions.

We understand that supporting Ukraine is a great democratic conscious step. And we are immensely grateful for that, because the aggression of the Russian political regime extends to all the European continent and beyond. Now is not the time to be indifferent to politics, because the whole of Europe is in danger. And the issue today is the territorial integrity, independence and security of the citizens of all European countries.

If we do not stop the Russian aggression – together and now – there will be neither international cooperation nor the tourist season for us. Your history knows examples of attacks on your land. Don’t let history repeat itself.”



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