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Commissioner for the Environment urges compliance with the needs of the planet

Never before was the need to comply with the needs of the planet so imperative, said Commissioner for the Environment, Klelia Vasiliou, on Saturday, in a message on the occasion of Earth Hour.

She said the air we breathe is dwindling, there is a big discussion on water and an even greater debate on food security, especially after Russia’s invasion of Ukraine.

In her message to students who took part in the Earth Hour events in all towns, Vasiliou said humanity is called once again to stand upon the right side of history and choose what is more important for all, the life of each and every person is absolutely significant and of course, this depends on the quality of the environment in which we all live.

She also said that through the Recovery Fund, the Biodiversity strategy, the Strategy for Climate, the President of the Republic’s initiative to set up an action plan to handle the climate crisis in our region with the countries which realise we are in the red zone, creates financial tools and provides incentives at all levels for our Green Transition.

She stressed the need to plant more trees and not to consume materials that add to the volumes of unmanageable waste as well as to continue reusing and recycling.


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