NewsLocalComatose teen hospitalised in suspected drug case

Comatose teen hospitalised in suspected drug case

A young man from Limassol is in intensive care in Limassol Hospital where he was taken in a comatose condition, apparently after the use of drugs. Police have arrested two Syrians, aged 28 and 39 on drug related charges.

The young man, who will turn 18 in three days, was taken to the hospital on Monday evening in a comatose condition and is in intensive care.

According to testimony, he had taken drugs supplied by a specific individual.

The Drug Squad raided a cafeteria in Trachoni where they located a 28 year old Syrian who matched the description of the individual suspected of supplying the drugs.  Police found 8.5 grams of cannabis, 9 grams of mdma,  19.5 grams of cannabis resin and precision electronic scales.

When the cafeteria manager arrived, a 39 year old Syrian, it was established that an arrest warrant was outstanding against him in a drugs case and he was also arrested.

Both men are expected to appear before Limassol District Court on Tuesday for a remand hearing.


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