NewsLocal“Co-op Bank employees will not be victimised”

“Co-op Bank employees will not be victimised”

The Minister of Finance, Harris Georgiades, assured trade unions SEK, PEO and PASYDY that no matter the developments in the Co-op matter, the employees will not be victimised and their rights will be secured. The trade unions are satisfied with today’s two-hour meeting with the competent Minister at the Ministry of Finance.

In his statements after the meeting, during which the future of the employees, following the latest developments in the Co-op bank, was discussed, P. Kyritsis, General Secretary of PEO, mentioned that they were informed by the Minister of Finance about how things are progressing in the Co-op bank since, as he said, we were as surprised as the rest of the world “with developments that differed from those we had in mind from previous understandings”.

He further stated that PEO mentioned to the Minister of Finance that the state is in charge of this matter and hopes that “they will handle it in favour of the Cypriot people, a people that has struggled for years for the creation of the Co-op bank and ultimately not in favour of other interests”.

With reference to the future of the employees, Mr Kyritsis said that all trade unions joined forces in securing that any development that might occur is such that the thousands of Co-op bank employees will not be victimised.

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