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Clocks will be set back one hour on October 31, killing daylight saving time still uncertain

Killing daylight saving time in the EU isn’t easy so on Sunday, October 31, clocks will be set back one hour in most member states – including Cyprus.

Even though the European Parliament plenary in Strasbourg had decided to abolish the change of time to summer and winter time in 2021.

Nonetheless, concrete plans on what comes next remain elusive. Even after many hours been squandered in consultation since EU member states cannot agree on who would abolish or retain which time, and when.

The main culprit for the delay is arguably the pandemic, possibly with a small side order of Brexit.

The issue’s tortuous passage through the complicated mechanisms of the EU also demonstrates how easily decisions in that institution can get gummed up in the gears of international bureaucracy if there’s no one pushing hard for progress.


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