NewsLocalClear skies throughout weekend, windy, under 30s

Clear skies throughout weekend, windy, under 30s


Clear skies throughout are expected today according to the Met Office, with light southwesterly to northwesterly winds and in windward regions, force three to four, turning strong force four to five over southwestern coastal regions in the afternoon. Seas will be slight.

Temperatures will rise to 29 degrees Celsius inland, the eastern and southeastern coastal regions, 27 in the rest of the coastal areas and 19 on the mountains.

Clear skies this evening, with light westerly to northwesterly winds, later turning moderate force three to four in windward regions, over slight seas.

Temperatures will drop to 15 degrees inland, around 17 in coastal regions and 8 on the mountains.

Fine weather continues on Sunday, perhaps with some low cloud and mist at dawn.

No significant temperature changes are expected.

Monday will see increasingly overcast skies at intervals and the same pattern is expected on Tuesday, with a slight drop in temperatures inland and over the mountains.

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