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Civil defense recommendations to face snow, frost

The Civil Defense issued an announcement with recommendations on how the citizens will deal with the snow, frost:


(particularly, if you are in mountainous/semi-mountainous areas

  • Check the water network, the pipes and the solar panel
  • Make sure the gutters are clean and operate normally
  • Make sure the outside pipes are insulated and if not insulate them immediately
  • Pu anti-freeze on the solar panel
  • Get supplies in food and heating material several days.
  • Get tools to clear snow (shovels)
  • Place in your car the necessary items to face extreme weather conditions (chains, anti-freeze, umbrella, boots)
  • Make sure to be constantly informed of the weather conditions and the road situation



  • Refrain from getting out
  • If it is absolutely necessary to go somewhere, use chains and inform someone of you course.
  • In case your car is immobilized somewhere, remain in the car, place a cloth in a bright color somewhere visible and switch on the engine every 10 minutes.
  • Do not let children go out unaccompanied.
  • Put on the proper clothes and shoes.
  • Do not waste water
  • If pipes are frozen close the central switch and call a plumper.

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