NewsLocalCivil Aviation Department senior officers get controversial 'waiting for a call' allowance

Civil Aviation Department senior officers get controversial ‘waiting for a call’ allowance

Seven senior officers of the Civil Aviation Department with high salaries are also getting controversial allowances for ‘waiting for a call’ services whose necessity is questionable,  Philenews reported on Wednesday.

The seven officers of the Air Navigation Services receive an additional monthly amount of 400 euros for “waiting for a call” allowance since 2001, specifically after the September 11 air terrorist attack in New York.

The beneficiaries are on public service salary scales of A13 and above, that is, getting from €51,000 and above annual gross salary.

Insiders also said the persons in question are part of an “waiting for a call” program drawn up every month.

In essence, these officers are required to be available outside working hours in order to answer telephone calls from competent services. In case any security or a similar issue arises that needs handling.

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