NewsLocalCitizens oppose playground extension works at Limassol Municipal Gardens-PHOTOS

Citizens oppose playground extension works at Limassol Municipal Gardens-PHOTOS

Limassol citizens on Saturday will stage a protest against ongoing works at the Municipal Gardens which basically destroy old-aged trees, Philenews reports.

The works are for the upgrading and extension of the playgrounds there, carried out after a donation by a Limassol-based private company of Byelorussian interests.

However, the coastal town’s Municipality has dismissed strong criticism over this in social media these past couple of days and also gave an explanation on Friday.

“All works are carried out under the constant supervision of the competent Technical Department of the Municipality that is made up of engineers and a geologist in order not to affect any tree there,” it said in a written statement.

“Moreover, the plan is for existing greenery to further get enriched with the planting of over 3,650 new shrubs and colorful plants,” it added.

At the same time, all new outdoor toys, platforms, lighting as well as new irrigation system and necessary concrete-made foundations to support the toys are done with the safety of the children in mind.

And with as little intrusion as possible into the existing environmental space, the Municipality also said.

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