NewsLocalChristodoulides, Netanyahu laud Cyprus-Greece-US-Israel alliance

Christodoulides, Netanyahu laud Cyprus-Greece-US-Israel alliance

President Christodoulides, and the Prime Minister of Israel, Benjamin Netanyahu, have pledged to work together “for a stable future for both countries,” in a bilateral meeting today in Jerusalem.

According to the Cyprus News Agency, the two leaders also spoke highly of the “Eastern Mediterranean alliance” between Israel, Cyprus, Greece, and the US.

In his remarks, President Christodoulides said he is in Israel two months after having assumed his duties.

“I’m here despite the terrorist attacks that we fully condemn because I want to send a strong and clear message about the strategic nature of our relationship,” the Cypriot President said in reference to the heavy fighting that has erupted in Gaza.

Christodoulides said both countries have worked together in the past and “I am here to see how we can enhance even more our excellent bilateral relations, but also, the regional developments and how we can work together, two predictable democracies in the Eastern Mediterranean, the greater the Middle East, how we can work together in order to create a stable future.’’

The Israeli leader welcomed President Christodoulides remarks and reminded that together with Greece, “we built together an alliance, an Eastern Mediterranean alliance, Israel, Cyprus, Greece”. In this alliance, “we put our American friends in the loop as well”, he said, adding “I think it’s a very stable and very promising alliance.”

Netanyahu said they “should continue to build it, economically, in terms of the intelligence services, defence and political partnership. Also in international terms, we welcome this and we should continue.’’

Concluding, Netanyahu said he looks forward to visiting Cyprus in the upcoming months for a trilateral summit meeting in Nicosia.

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