NewsLocalChristiana Erotokritou could be Diko-Akel's joint 2023 presidential hopeful

Christiana Erotokritou could be Diko-Akel’s joint 2023 presidential hopeful

Diko’s deputy chairperson Christiana Erotokritou is the centre-right party’s proposed candidate for the island’s 2023 presidential elections but whether main opposition Akel agree to also back her remains to be seen.

This is what Philenews repoted on Tuesday, adding that the MP’s possible candidacy is expected to dominate upcoming talks between Diko leader Nicolas Papadopoulos and leftwing Akel’s Stefanos Stefanou.

And that there are positive prospects for cooperation, according to insiders.

Erotokritou has already made clear she is ready to give the battle – if asked to do so – within the framework of cooperation between the two opposition parties.

An insider also said she has been already asked by her party’s leadership and that a much-needed change in the island’s politics would become a reality under a possible Diko-Akel alliance.

As for Akel, it is believed that such a possibility essentially paves the way for a new state of play.

And that a number of high-ranking members view the possibility positively leaving very little room for rejection of the proposal.

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