NewsLocalChaos warning in European airports this summer due to Covid-19 checking processes

Chaos warning in European airports this summer due to Covid-19 checking processes

Airports Council International (ACI) Europe has warned travellers that they could face hours stranded in European airports this summer as a result of the current Covid-19 testing and checking processes.

With social distancing rules already putting limits on space in airports, and peak periods expected to be busier than ever when travellers return, the organisation has joined airport bosses in calling on Governments – including Cyprus’ – to help make the process easier.

A lack of cohesion between European countries and their Covid processes and regulations means that time-consuming checks are currently being carried out multiple times during a passenger’s journey.

Figures show that checks on travellers’ latest Covid-19 checks are being duplicated or even triplicated at more than 75% of European airports.

With passenger numbers expected to surge from 47 million in May to 125 million in August, ACI Europe says that action is needed now.

ACI Europe is calling on Governments to create cohesion within the region by adopting and implementing the revised EU Council Recommendation for travel within the EU, which would lift travel restrictions for vaccinated and tested and recovered travellers.

The organisation also says a common EU digital Covid-19 certificate is needed, along with mutual recognition of digital and manual certificates issued by neighbouring countries. Added staff are also needed and efforts must be made to ensure check are not carried out more than once.

Finally, ACI is calling for a reconsideration of physical distancing is airports as more and more travellers are vaccinated.

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