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Coronavirus Safepass, self-isolation relaxations in effect as of Tuesday

Relaxations into coronavirus SafePass and self-isolation rules on Tuesday came in effect in Cyprus including doing away with it when entering supermarkets, bakeries, pharmacies, kiosks and take-away premises.

Here are all the changes in effect as of Tuesday:

*Covid positive individuals can be declared covid free on the 7th day, following a negative rapid or PCR test. IF they remain positive, the process will be repeated until they become negative or their 10th self isolation day.

*close contacts of a Covid positive individuals that have not been isolated from them (parents of a minor) can be released on the 7th day following a Rapid or PCR, instead of isolating for 17 days, given that the covid positive individual also tests negative after 7 days.

*more people allowed in retail trade businesses, gyms and casinos, while capacity at weddings and christenings  increases to 500, with the condition that the venue area allows people a 1.5 metre distance. School parades are allowed.

*no safepass will be needed for supermarkets, grocery stores, butcheries, fruit markets, bakeries, take away services, kiosks and service businesses with capacity under 100 square metres.

*night clubs with a capacity of 150+ people are considered as high risk, including hospitality and food and beverage areas for over 150 people, with a dance floor.

*low risk areas include theatres, amphitheatres, cinemas, schools, malls (1 person every 4 square metres) betting shops, retail trade, banks, archaeological sites, museums, galleries, playgrounds, outdoor festivals and exam halls.

Unvaccinated people, those that have completed their vaccination schedule more than seven months ago and covid patients with a certificate beyond seven months will need a 24 hour rapid test or a 48 hour PCR. Those 6-17 will require a 72 hour Rapid or PCR test.

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