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Chamber: Naming businesses with coronavirus is damaging

The Cyprus Chamber of Commerce and Industry (Keve) has asked authorities to reconsider the policy of naming businesses where employees have tested positive for coronavirus.

It is also suggesting that  bakeries and supermarkets be able to open on Sundays — as before the decrees, to prevent congestion on other days.

In a letter to Labour Minister Zeta Emilianidou, Keve said that announcing the names of businesses with positive Covid-19 cases serves no purpose but punishes and harms the reputation of the specific business, further burdening a turnover which is already under pressure.

Keve said that all businesses still in operation should be strictly monitored and in the event of a positive case should strictly comply with the instructions of the Health Ministry — closing, disinfecting and then reopening with different staff.

“But the punitive publication of names is completely unnecessary and we argue serves no purpose,” it said.

The Chamber said that closing supermarkets and bakeries on Sundays only led to more people congregating at premises on remaining days and asked that they be allowed to open so as to better spread out clients.




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