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Cargo with 20,000 tons of corn being unloaded

The process of unloading the 20,000 tons of corn that the state has imported to meet urgent needs of animal breeders after the crisis sparked by the war in Ukraine, has begun. The cargo where traces of cancerous aflatoxin in excess of the maximum permissible limit was recorded will remain in storage until chemical analyses of the samples are completed.

According to the current legislation, animal feed is not allowed to be used if in excess of certain limits. In particular, the limit set by the European Union to determine a load as completely unsuitable is the presence of aflatoxins 20 μg/ kg in feed material. On the contrary, the limit is 5 μg/kg.

From 5 to 20 μg/kg the cereals should be avoided in feed for dairy animals, such as cattle, sheep and goats, so that there is no risk of contamination in the milk. Instead, they are available to piglets and chickens without any risk.

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