NewsLocalCanteen operator in Limassol school 'deals drugs to pupils', non-profit claims

Canteen operator in Limassol school ‘deals drugs to pupils’, non-profit claims

A representative for the nonprofit organisation “Foundation for a Drug-Free World”  told the House Education Committee on Wednesday, that a canteen operator at a Limassol school is dealing drugs to pupils.

The Committee met on Wednesday to discuss the problem of drugs in schools.

The representative of the organisation said that the school’s board tried to handle the issue, but were threatened.

The Drug Enforcement Unit (YKAN) who was also present in the Committee, said that no such complaint had been made and urged the organisation to submit their evidence.
YKAN representative Stelios Sergides said that in 2018, 70 pupils were arrested on drug-related charges.
Sixty eight of them were ordered to attend rehab.
The President of the School Boards Coordinating Committee, whose committee was not invited to the meeting, told philenews that he was not aware of the case. Dinos Ellinas said that it was unfortunate for such serious allegations that besmirch the name of schools, canteens and people to be made without prior investigation. Should the allegations turn out not to be true, there must be repercussions.  Police should demand evidence for the allegations made and investigate, he added


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