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Campaign for Cyprus parliamentary elections ends on Friday

The campaign for the parliamentary elections of Sunday May 30, 2021 in Cyprus ends on Friday, with government officials handing over the ballot boxes and 600,000 ballots to the officers in charge of polling stations.

Legislation in place prohibits on the eve of the election and on Election Day a number of activities related directly or indirectly with elections.

In particular, it is prohibited to broadcast, advertise or publish any news or announcement, with or without payment to do with the elections.

Public gatherings, organising speeches or public debates is also forbidden.

Billboards of any candidate or combination are prohibited.

Publishing of any polls or exit polls before the voting procedure is finished is prohibited.

Newspapers which circulate on the day before Election Day are exempt but are only allowed to publish news items about election campaign events of the previous day.

Individuals who break the above legislative provisions will be guilty of a criminal offence and if convicted are subject to a prison sentence of not over a year or a fine of up to €5,000 or both.

In the meantime, Chief Returning Officer Costas Constantinou is expected to outline all matters to do with the election procedure during a press conference at noon.

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