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Cabinet to decide on Wednesday whether to lift total lockdown next week

Cabinet on Wednesday will consider three possible scenarios as regards the next steps following the end of the current total coronavirus lockdown on Sunday, Philenews reports.

The most likely decision to be announced, possibly on Wednesday, is the lifting of the total lockdown and return to restrictive measures that were in effect in Cyprus before April 26, according to insiders.

The second scenario, but highly unlikely – provides for the extension of the total lockdown for another week and the third is the implementation of an intermediate solution.

That is, the reopening of specific sectors of trade and the economy in general and the return of students, at least to some degree, to classes.

This scenario is also unlikely to be approved by Cabinet because end of year exams are just around the corner and students cannot afford staying away from classes much further.

Over the past couple of days, the Health Ministry has processed the proposals tabled by the island’s epidemiological team on the new measures that will be enforced after the lockdown is lifted.

Insiders appear positive that the country will exit lockdown next week but refused to confirm this.

Fewer cases were traced in the previous days as significant number of tests were carried out since the lockdown startted, especially over the Easter weekend.

The daily positivity rate had stabilized at around 1.3 to 1.4 per cent, while the daily tally of cases dropped from approximately 900 to 600 before Easter.

However, the number of covid-related deaths has increased significantly over ht past couple of days.

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