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Cabinet sets up committee to prepare for reopening of airports

A ministerial committee has been set up to prepare a plan of action for the gradual resumption of flights that will restore Cyprus’ connectivity, Transport Minister Yiannis Karousos said on Thursday.

He was speaking after a meeting of the Council of Ministers which took the decision.

The reopening of airports and the resumption of flights is envisioned in stage 3 of the government’s lockdown exit roadmap from June 9 to July 13  but  gradually and under conditions.

No details were given when the decision was announced and it is these details that the plan of action will flesh out.

“The plan of action will take into consideration all the facts so that we are ready, provided the epidemiological situation allows, for the effective restoration of Cyprus’ connectivity and the smooth operation of the airports,” he said.

Karousos said that the plan of action will be submitted to cabinet at the end of May.

Among other, it will cover the timing of the opening, the criteria as regards the countries with which air connectivity will be restored, the procedures to be adopted at airports and on airplanes and the criteria under which passengers will be allowed on flights.

“Connectivity is essential for our country and we will draw up a plan of action to restore it gradually,” the minister said.

He said one committee chaired by him will be made up of the Foreign, Finance and Health Ministers and the Deputy Minister of Tourism.

A second, advisory committee will also include one of the members of the Health Ministry’s team of experts as well as representatives from civil aviation and Hermes Airports, among others.

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