NewsLocalCabinet on Tuesday to reintroduce mandatory face masks use also in pharmacies

Cabinet on Tuesday to reintroduce mandatory face masks use also in pharmacies

The Cabinet on Tuesday is set to reintroduce the mandatory use of face masks also in pharmacies in a bid to contain the alarmingly-rising spread of Covid-19.

This is in addition to high risk areas such as hospitals and elderly peoples’ homes where face coverings never ceased being mandatory even though Cyprus dropped masks in all indoor spaces as of June 1.

A Health Ministry spokesman told state radio early on Tuesday that the government will strongly recommended that people keep wearing masks as they see fit.

Last Friday, the health ministry announced 7,263 Covid infections detected during the past week, as the positivity rate had risen as high as 9.77 per cent. In addition, almost 50 Covid patients are curretnly receiving treatment at state hospitals.

The only positive fact is that Covid patients are currently not displaying more severe symptoms than would have been expected, according to health experts.

At the request of Health Minister Michalis Hadjipantela, the advisory committee on coronavirus submitted their proposals on how to tackle the recent increase in coronavirus cases and hospitalisations.

However, although some members of the committee supported the return of the face mask mandate in supermarkets, bakeries and shopping malls, this measure seems to have been put on ice.

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