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Cabinet on Thursday to decide on possible further relaxation of Covid measures

Minister of Health Michalis Hadjipantelas said the cabinet will take decisions on Thursday on whether measures against the spread of the coronavirus in Cyprus should be further relaxed.

And that with the Health Advisory Committee on Wednesday he will discuss the possible abolition of two specific measures: the use of masks outdoors and decrease of the number of tests so that Cyprus complies with other countries.

Speaking to reporters at the end of a 14km march organised by the Liver Patient Association “Prometheus” in Limassol, Hadjipantelas also said the ministry is monitoring developments on COVID-19.

“I am glad to see that many countries in Europe are not taking measures but things are different in China, therefore we are looking at some situations very carefully”, he said.

The Minister said the scientists and the advisory committee are monitoring all information and he is expecting their suggestions on Wednesday. These suggestions will be taken to the Cabinet on Thursday for final decisions.

The minister said the epidemiological data keeps changing and while relaxation of measures in the past was decided, these decisions were hanged due to the changing data. We have to be patient until Thursday” he said assuring that “as you know we will do the right thing for everyone”.

The Minister also said that in around 15 days, there will be announcements regarding hepatologists on the island. The Association has been demanding the appointment of hepatologists, noting the lack of this expertise on the island. (CNA)

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