NewsLocalCabinet on Thursday expected to scrap coronavirus SafePass for low-risk outlets

Cabinet on Thursday expected to scrap coronavirus SafePass for low-risk outlets

The Cabinet on Thursday will most probably scrap the coronavirus SafePass for supermarkets, pharmacies, and other low risk outlets as Cyprus moves to ease restrictions amid an improved epidemiological situation, Philenews reports.

They are also likely to reduce the quarantine period for those who test positive with coronavirus from the current 10 to seven days, subject to a negative test on day seven, it added. This relaxations will come in effect next Wednesday.

The Cabinet’s morning meeting preceded one on Wednesday between Health Minister Michalis Hadjipantelas and the scientific advisors on Covid-19 during which the proposals were drafted.

They looked at ways for a gradual return to normality while also simplifying SafePass rules depending on the level of risk of each venue or location.

Supermarkets, bakeries, fruit shops, pharmacies, kioks etc are designated as low risk and will not require a SafePass while restaurants, cafeterias, and hotels as medium risk with a 48-hour rapid test required for the unvaccinated.

At the same time, nightclubs, weddings and christenings will be considered high risk and require a day test for everyone.

As for the proposal regarding venues where dancing is permitted this stipulates that the unvaccinated will require a 24-hour negative test and the vaccinated a 48-hour negative test.

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