NewsLocalCabinet approves bill introducing tougher gun controls

Cabinet approves bill introducing tougher gun controls

New proposals to tighten gun controls will keep guns out of the hands of people suspected of domestic violence and those who have been exempted from military service on mental health grounds.

They are contained in an amended bill that was approved by Council of Ministers on Tuesday at the proposal of Justice Minister Yiorgos Savvides  in an effort to tackle gun related crime.

The amendment, which is subject to the approval of the House of Representatives, will incorporate a new EU directive into national legislation.

This introduces tougher regulations to trace guns, provides for the effective exchange of information between gun dealers and the police and imposes even tougher criteria to own, keep and transport dangerous weapons.

The proposal regulates acquiring and possessing a gun by collectors, for hunting or target practice. It also regulates the activities of gun dealers, marking guns to improve traceability and creates a gun registry and data bank.

It also ensures the effective exchange of information between the authorities of EU member states.

The bill also covers national policy.  Among the changes are keeping guns out of the hands of those demonstrating violence in the family and prohibiting anyone who has secured an exemption from serving in the National Guard on mental health grounds from obtaining a permit or possessing or transporting any kind of gun.

It also regulates possession and transport of air rifles and paintball guns and introduces tougher criteria for gun dealers.

A new element is permitting police to possess and use taser guns.


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