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Burned Akamas area to be restored

The Forestry Department has prepared a plan to restore a forest area in Akamas that was destroyed by a fire that was set deliberately on November 13, 2019.

Meanwhile, suspicions that the incident was underpinned by economic interests that wanted to develop the area have not yet been investigated.

The plan aims to restore the plant and animal ecosystem of 106.3 hectares of burnt forest at Akamas National Park, lay out the details for the management of the burnt timber, and to protect the area from erosion and flooding.

A total of 96.2% of the burnt area will be restored by natural regeneration of the forest, which will be monitored in 2020 and the process will be supported with seeding if intervention is deemed necessary.

The scorched area in Akamas is part of the protected Natura 2000 network that hosts unique species of flora and fauna.

A preliminary estimate of the costs involved in the restoration showed that €76,625 needs to be spent for the years 2020-2022.

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