NewsLocalBritish troops exercise in Pyla - (video)

British troops exercise in Pyla – (video)

Troops from 2nd Battalion The Royal Anglian Regiment based in Dhekelia held an exercise at the individual Battle Skills range at Pyla, reported on Saturday.

The troops have been preparing to deploy to Egypt later this month to take part in Exercise ‘AHMOSE’.

Alongside the personnel known as the ‘Poachers,’ will be a small detachment of soldiers normally based in Gibraltar.

Troops from C Company prepared for their trip to Egypt ensuring they are qualified to act as range staff, overseeing live firing training with the Egyptian Army, writes.

While the Poachers are being trained as range staff, the soldiers firing come from a different unit – the Royal Gibraltar Regiment, known in the British Army as the ‘Barbarians’.

Around twelve of them are heading to Egypt with the Poachers, but they first need to be certified on the firing range.

“It’s getting the guys firing from individual pieces of cover,” says Lieutenant Callum Robertson, “to going down as an individual, to going down as a pair.”

The exercise in Egypt will last a month and will also involve troops from 4 Rifles, the British Army’s designated Specialised Infantry Battalion for the Middle East and North Africa.

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