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British strain of coronavirus dominant in Cyprus

The British strain of the new coronavirus (SARS-CoV-2) is dominant in Cyprus, especially after mid February.

According to the Ministry of Health, based on the latest results of the sequencing of the virus strains, sent to ECDC, there is an upward trend of the British strain, from December onwards.

The Ministry says that  the analysis of the samples shows that the increase is gradual and reaches up to 95.5% in the period February 15 – March 6, leading to a deterioration of the epidemiological picture in Cyprus.

It adds that in December-January the British mutation stood at 14.7% (34 samples), between February 1-15 it was at 46.6% (34 samples from 73 sequencing) and between February 15-March 6 it was 95.5% (85 samples from a total of 89 sequencing).

It says that based on studies in various EU countries, in the United Kingdom and elsewhere, the British strain is by 50% more contagious, which has an impact on hospitalisations.

The Ministry notes that it is thus imperative to continuously adhere to the measures and health protocols in order to limit the spread of the virus.

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