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British man who admitted to wife’s mercy killing faces murder charges on Friday

A Paphos-based elderly British man who admitted killing his wife to end her suffering from blood cancer has been released from Mental Health Hospital in Athalassa.

The 74-year-old man will face premeditated murder charges before a district court on Friday, with the case expected to be referred directly to an Assize court.

Early in December, police found his 75-year-old wife dead in their home in Tremithousa and the suspect in and out of consciousness after taking an unknown amount of pills.

Philenews said Interpol had alerted Nicosia that the suspect had phoned or texted his brother in the UK and told him he was going to kill his wife who had been suffering from leukemia. And that he was going to end his life too.

The suspect was rushed to the Emergency Room at Paphos General Hospital where he had verbally admitted killing his wife by means of asphyxiation. He was later sent to the Mental Health Hospital at the recommendation of a psychiatrist.

Preliminary findings suggested the husband deprived her of oxygen by obstructing her mouth and nose with his bare hands.



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