NewsLocalBritish Bases: Routine military exercise from RAF Akrotiri

British Bases: Routine military exercise from RAF Akrotiri

A routine military exercise to conduct essential operational military training will be carried out from RAF Akrotiri between March 3 and 22,the British Bases said on Friday.

The training may include the movement of troops and vehicles, boats and helicopters and there may be some disturbance during these times. A number of the scenarios will include the use of training ammunition.

“Please do not be concerned if explosions are heard in the local area. This occasionally happens when certain atmospheric conditions prevail,” the Bases’ statement added.

British Forces Cyprus remains committed to restricting the impact of military training to a minimum where possible and with due regard for the environment and habitat, it added.

As with previous exercises some of the scenarios will be performed outside the Sovereign Base Areas with the support of the Republic of Cyprus.



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