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British Bases court to decide on drug suspects

A  court in the British Base of Episkopi will decide on Saturday whether four men arrested for drug possession and trafficking will be handed over the authorities of the Republic of Cyprus or tried there.

The four, aged 36, 37, 40 and 41, will remain in custody until then.

They were arrested in Trachoni on Thursday after a joint operation by the drug squad in cooperation with the police in the British Bases. Police found six kilos of cannabis in their possession.

Two kilos were found in the car of the 41 year old and four in the home of the 37 year old.

The other two were arrested in the light of testimony that they were connected to the case.

Because Trachoni falls within the British Bases area they were detained at Episkopi and appeared before the bases court on Friday where Cyprus police submitted a request they be handed over to the Cypriot authorities.

The court will issue its decision on the request tomorrow.


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