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Borrell: No discussion with Turkey unless it stops illegal drilling in Cyprus’ EEZ

There can be no discussion between the EU and Turkey if Ankara continues the drilling in Cyprus’ EEZ, Vice-President of the European Commission Josep Borrell.

Speaking to a small group of European media, including the Greek newspaper “Ethnos” Borrell, who is also the EU High Representative for Foreign Affairs and Security Policy that EU countries do not want to take part in discussions with Turkey over the immigration issue as the drilling continues.

He further said that the EU-Turkish relations cannot solely concern immigration. To develop healthy, positive relations, more things need to be done, such as enlargement, visa issues, energy, Geopolitical issues in Libya and more, A wider perspective is necessary”.

He also said he intends to raise the Turkey-EU relations at the Foreign Affairs Council as it is the most important issue concerning the EU external relations, he said.

Borrell further said that regarding the immigration issue, he said Turkey needs to understand it is not present to stop the migrants from reaching Europe. If they want to go to Europe, at some moment there will be pressure anew at our borders. Before this happens, we must discuss issues of mutual concern with Turkey.

The migrants’ issue, he added, is a responsibility that needs to be shared among member states.


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