NewsLocal'Blue Sun of Jason' air exercise tests National Guard with Israeli forces

‘Blue Sun of Jason’ air exercise tests National Guard with Israeli forces


Supported by ground troops, the international Israel-Cyprus air exercise ‘Jason-Blue Sun’, was held between the 7th and 11th of May with the participation of personnel from the National Guard airforce command and the Israeli military air force.

Announcing the results of the exercise today, a National Guard command statement said that Israeli jets took off and landed at the Andreas Papandreou base for the duration of the four day manoeuvers.



The goal of the bilateral exercise, as planned and coordinated by the two countries, was to raise the operational readiness and conduct joint training in air forces deployment tactics, with particular emphasis on air defence, protection of National Guard installations, air support operations and engaging ground targets.


National Guard chief Demokritos Zervakis praised personnel, noting the importance of the exercise in strengthening defence bonds between the two countries and thus contributing to deepening the sense of security and stability in the Eastern Mediterranean.




Part of the force’s international synergies programme, the exercise was deemed particularly constructive, as it provided the opportunity of familirisation by airforce command personnel with supporting inceasing air traffic and executing joing operational scenarios.

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