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Bleak scenarios for tourism sector due to Ukrainian crisis

The number of the upcoming season’s expected tourists in Famagusta area could be halved following the sanctions imposed on Russia because of its invasion in Ukraine, Philenews reported on Tuesday.

Russia and Ukraine, afterall, are Famagusta area’s leading tourism markets and the sector’s key players there are monitoring the situation trying to keep calm.

Up until last Friday there was still hope that very  bleak scenarios could be avoided and the damage controlled. But the closure of airspace for flights from Russia, as well as the imposed trade sanctions, leave the tourism sector in the area with very little room for optimism.

“We cannot say it is too early to see the consequences of this new crisis,” said head of PASYXE Famagusta Doros Takkas.

“The most probable scenario is that the whole district will be affected in a devastating way, the numbers will be halved, to say the least” he said.

“I believe that Cyprus, and especially the Famagusta  region, will pay a heavy price as a collateral loss since the vast majority of tourists are Russian-speakers,” he added.

Takkas also said that 30% of the region’s hotels could remain closed because of the grave consequences.

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