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Blast from the past: pictures of snow all over Cyprus

This winter has been memorable with abundant rain and snow.

Rainfall in the period of October 1, 2018 to January 31, 2019 was the fourth highest ever recorded in the past 117 years.

Naturally, Troodos has seen its fair share of snowfall this winter. The mountains have been covered with snow for almost two months now, with the accumulation reaching more than 50 cm at times.

Old-timers however, might remember even heavier winters.

The Department of Forests recently posted a picture showing four men riding a horse-drawn sled on Amiantos-Troodos road in 1931.

On February 4 1950, 69 years ago today, residents of Nicosia experienced a very rare phenomenon as the capital turned white after  snow.

Picture by Κυπριακός Χρονογράφος (Cypriot Chronicles)

On the same day, Felix Yiaxis captured with his camera, a picture showing Nicosians walking on a snow-covered Eleftheria Square (then named Metaxas Square).

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