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Bizarre court case involves ‘abduction’ of infamous young hacker and cryptocurrency payment

Three men will stand trial before Nicosia Assize Court on November 29 in connection with a bizarre case where a Greek Cypriot hacker who has also served a prison sentence in the US got abducted and fooled into paying €150,000 in cryptocurrency.

This is what Philenews reported on Friday, adding that the complainant is the infamous ‘Little Hacker’ who was recently released from a US federal prison after a year of service and after showing remorse for cyber crimes. The ‘abduction’ incident in Nicosia took place on October 24.

According to the testimony of the 24-year-old hacker, the three men – aged 42, 50, and 35 – had asked him to go for hunting in the capital’s buffer zone. But, there, they apparently ‘set up’ his arrest by people acting as ‘police officers’ of the breakaway regime in Turkish-occupied Cyprus.

He was fooled into believing “police” had arrested him on gun possession charges but would let him go in exchange for money – specifically for €150,000 which he paid there and then in cryptocurrency.

The young man had all lights on him a few years back when he became the first Cypriot national to be extradited from Cyprus to the United States.

He had pleaded guilty to federal charges of computer fraud in Arizona and northern Georgia.

As a result of his conviction, he had lost $389.113 and 70.000 euros while he paid $600.000 in compensation to the victims of his fraud.

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