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Bishop of Morphou angers the Church of Greece

The sermons of Bishop of Morphou Neophytos are risking to disturb the relations between the Church of Cyprus and the Church of Greece, which has asked the Holy Synod of Cyprus, through Archbishop Chrysostomos to stop the old cleric.

Beyond the prophecies that the Bishop of Morphou expresses on various issues, the last straw seemed to be his sermons against the pandemic and specifically his stance against vaccination.

Archbishop Chrysostomos read the letter from the Church of Greece to the members of the Holy Synod (in the presence of the Bishop of Morphou). According to information, the clerics in Greece believe that at the time when people are dying from the pandemic, a man of the church cannot claim COVID-19 does not exist.

After reading the letter, the Archbishop asked the old cleric to respect the Church of Greece’s view and to stop the specific sermons. Always according to information, the Bishop noted he had said what he had to say on the issue and will not add anything else until Christmas.

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