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Biology book “out of Dark Ages” stirs uproar on social media

A secondary education biology book described as one “out of the Dark Ages” has caused an uproar on social media after suggesting that abstinence from sex before marriage is the only way to truly prevent infection with sexually transmitted diseases.

Comments from both Cyprus and Greece on social media said that in no way this book taught to third grade students (15-year-olds) relates to today’s social state of play, Philenews reported on Thursday.

“It is worth noting that this manual was prepared several years ago, with many people considering it totally outdated, especially after the recent passing of legislation on sex education in schools,” it also said.

“Despite the fact that years have passed since its drafting but this book is still in schools as a textbook given to students. However, we have been told by a Ministry of Education informed source that different instructions to teachers have been given on this issue,” it added.

The Greek-language book suggests that chastity and restraint is the first natural contraception method and shows a photo of a woman depicted outdoors in a field wearing a modest dress.

And it also explains that abstaining from premarital sex is the only 100 per cent successful method of contraception that protects from sexually transmitted diseases.

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