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Bill on traffic cameras and issuing of fines passed, car rental companies excluded

The House plenum on Thursday passed legislation regulating the use of traffic cameras on roads and the issuing of fines but a serious issue has been raised as regards car rental companies.

Car rental companies were removed from the liability for payment of fines in the event a vehicle of theirs committing a traffic violation.

Instead, liability for payment of the fine falls on the customer renting the vehicle, or the driver at the time in question.

And this raises eyebrows considering visitors renting cars will be leaving the country before paying possible violations.

The surveillance system is to begin – on a pilot basis – on Monday but gives drivers a two-month grace period.

The government believes the use of cameras will not only help reduce accidents but also aid in better tracking traffic offenders.

Violations recorded by the system will be collected at a central hub from where notifications will be sent out to traffic offenders under the supervision of police.

The deal signed between the government and the contractor provides for 90 fixed cameras at 30 traffic blackspots island-wide.

Plus, 20 mobile cameras for speeding for which police will decide the location and hours of operation on a day-to-day basis.

Cameras will report speeding, running a red light and crossing a stop line.

Once these are detected, other offences such as use of a mobile phone while driving, drivers not wearing a seat belt or bikers not wearing a helmet, will also be reviewed.



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