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Bill allowing change of gender on all official documents set to be approved  

Cyprus is finally making steps forward as regards LGBTI rights now that a bill allowing them to submit application to change their gender on their legal documents is set to be approved.

Specifically, the draft bill allows anyone over age 16 to legally have their gender changed on official documents without having undergone gender reassignment surgery, Philenews also reports.

Previously, people were allowed to legally change their travel documents but were not able to get the appropriate changes on any other official document.

The draft bill on gender was prepared over a period of three years.

Minors aged 16 and above will also be entitled to change their gender and name provided they have their parents’ consent.

According to the bill, every person has the right to:

(a) Recognition of his/her gender identity.

(b) Respect of his/her physical integrity and physical autonomy, regardless of his/her expression of identity, gender or gender characteristics.

(c) Free development as an individual and as a personality, according to his/her gender identity.

(d) Treatment according to his/her gender identity and in particular identification with it in the documents that prove his/her identity.

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