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Bi-communal Technical Committee to restore walls in Turkish-occupied Nicosia

The bicommunal Technical Committee on Cultural Heritage plans to remove vegetation and address humidity issues affecting part of the Nicosia walls, in the city’s Turkish-occupied sector.

Takis Hadjidemetriou, the Greek Cypriot Head of the bicommunal Technical Committee told CNA that interventions will be of limited scope. The Technical Committee conducted a relevant study and issued a call for tenders, he said.

He added that restoration works will begin after the end of the winter, with UNDP support and EU funding.

The objective is to preserve the venetian walls from potential damages caused by the vegetation that grows on them, Hadjidemetriou said.

He explained that the problem with humidity in this part of the walls, in the Turkish-occupied part of Nicosia, is intense due to limited exposure to the sun. The southern part of the walls, exposed to more sunshine, does not seem to have similar problems, he added.

“The project only aims to remove vegetation” said Hadjidemetriou, adding that the limited intervention aims to restore sections of the walls.

“Tenders are open and the project will begin after the end of winter” he said noting that it is among the main projects the Technical Committee is dealing with.

(Cyprus News Agency/Archive Photo)

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