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Bestiality case: Evidence provided by the 61-year-old

The public opinion is repulsed with the horrendous details of the bestiality case that is being investigated by the Zygi Police. A 61-year-old from Dali was arrested last Saturday.

A complaint had been made from a livestock owner in Choirokitia, reporting that his animals were behaving strangely and that an unidentified person was visiting them at regular intervals and carried out certain indecent acts against them. The stockyard outside of Choirokitia was protected by a closed surveillance circuit since a while ago the stockyard was broken into and therefore the owner installed the circuit in order to protect his property and animals.

Despite the fact that the Police did little to inform, apparently to protect the suspect’s family, “Ph” met with the owner of the ewes, who fell victim to the suspect and discovered first-hand the appalling aspects of this case.

As mentioned by the owner, the 61-year-old from Dali visited the stockyard at regular intervals, about once a week and usually on Friday. His visits took place late in the evening, while as he entered the sheep farm, he removed his trousers. He also used to have a portable electric torch attached to his head to see what he was doing and have both hands free.

At one point, the owner of the ewes noticed that a number of animals (as the suspect allegedly proceeded to indecent acts on several animals), behaved “strangely” as he characteristically stated, something that worried him greatly. It was then that he thoroughly investigated the recorded material on his security cameras, identifying the scenes with the suspect that left him shocked and repulsed.

He immediately contacted the Zygi Police, to which the community of Choirokitia appertains, and the stockyard was set under surveillance for some time.

Last Friday, it was the last time the suspect submitted the ewes to this incomprehensible to them, and to the human mind, martyrdom.

The Police possessed evidence from the video surveillance as well as the identity of the suspect, putting the latter under arrest on Saturday. The 61-year-old was accused in writing and released. He previously pleaded guilty in writing (he orally confessed from the first moment of his arrest).  He also provided the investigation team of Zygi Police Station with a number of evidence requested and used in his lawless acts, as recorded by the closed surveillance circuit.

The actions of the 61-year-old were commented in various way by both citizens and livestock owners.

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