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Berlin admits Turkish occupation for the first time

The northern part of Cyprus is “occupied in violation of international law”, Berlin has admitted for the first time, on an issue it has so far avoided answering.

This answer, as Deutsche Welle reported, was officially given by the responsible state minister for foreign affairs, Katia Coyle of the Greens, in response to a question from Die Linke MP Sevim Dagdelen.

The Deutsche Welle report stated that “against the backdrop of the upcoming elections in Turkey announced for 14 May and shortly after the recent presidential elections in Cyprus with the victory of Nicos Christodoulides, what is of interest is a recent question posed in the German parliament (specifically on 15 March) during the traditional “question time” to the German government by the member of the Left Party (Die Linke), Sevim Dagdelen, on how the German government legally characterizes the situation in the occupied northern part of Cyprus.

This is actually the first time that the German government has given a clear answer to this persistent question that MP Sevim Dagdelen has been asking for a long time about the situation in Cyprus, as she said on DW’s Greek program.


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