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Bank of Cyprus cars on public auction on Tuesday, prices start from €300

The next Bank of Cyprus impounded vehicle auction at Mosfiloti will take place on Tuesday, at 3pm, with the list including 53 cars at prices ranging from €300 to €15,000.

Buyers are reminded that they will have to cover late registration fees and the cost for renewing the license of the vehicles.

And that some of these cars are damaged and/or old and can be used for parts.

A Bank announcement also said that 30% of the amount should be paid as an advance payment upon approval.

And that a minimum amount of €1,000 should be in cash while the remaining one must be paid the next day at any branch of the BoC.

The cars are delivered if the amount is paid and if a valid insurance certificate (cover note) is presented.

In the case where a transaction is cancelled by the buyer, the advance payment is not returned.

The address in Mosfiloti is 12 Limassol Ave., 7647 Mosfiloti, Larnaca.

Inspection dates and times are on Monday, October 31, from 10.00 – 13.00 and 14.00 – 17.00 and on Tuesday, November 1, from 10.00 – 14.30.

Auction items

The catalogue of auction items includes the following car brands:

  • Ford (7)
  • Mercedes (6)
  • Volkswagen (6)
  • BMW (4)
  • Toyota (4)
  • Kia (3)
  • Nissan (2)
  • Audi (2)
  • Suzuki (2)
  • Honda (2)
  • Renault (2)

Also available are a Mini, a Mazda, a Volvo, a Porsche, a Citroen, a Chevrolet, a Fiat, a Jaguar, a Peugeot, a Caterpillar and a Saab car.

The full catalogue of auction items is available here.

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