NewsLocalBad lighting compounds problem with Paphos roads

Bad lighting compounds problem with Paphos roads

Paphos roads not only lack pavements and proper signposting, but are poorly lit, says EDEK municipal councillor Philippos Philippou.

He said that main roads as well as side streets, pavements — even on the coastal front, and most of all the town’s parks are badly lit and pose a danger to users. Many roads do not have any lighting, and even where there are street lights, these are inadequate. Light bulbs are broken or the lights are behind thick vegetation and therefore ineffective, he said.

“Street lighting of our town is tragic and terribly dangerous,” Philppou said. “It has led to the loss of life, causes accidents daily and creates a sense of insecurity among residents,” he added.

Moreover, the old style light bulbs are costly, obliging the municipality to pay 60% more than it should at a time when money is tight. “Moreover, the pollution created, both visual and environmental is huge and unacceptable,” he concluded.

Paphos municipality should seek smart solutions through proper planning with experts to give advice on what should be done.

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