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Back to school with rapid test

According to the suggestions of scientist, students will go back to school with rapid tests and masks in readiness.

During a meeting of Health Minister Michalis Hadjipantelas with the Advisory Scientific Committee yesterday, the road map for the management of the pandemic over the coming months was presented. According to the Minister this is a draft plan on which views have been submitted and the target is to have the final road map ready by 30 August.

As he noted, the road map includes the most important thing, which is the opening of schools, an issue, which, as he said, was very carefully discussed during today’s meeting.

The Minister added that the suggestion that will be examined again next week is that all students returning to schools to have a 48-hour rapid test. Depending on the results of this rapid test, it will be decided what to do in the future.

He also said that regarding the use of mask inside, scientists believe that the measure must continue.

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