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Azeri, Pakistani arrests lead to possible terrorism case, police now say

Cyprus Police now believe a possible terrorism case is behind the recent arrest of a Pakistani man on suspicion of being an accomplice to an already detained Azeri suspect, Philenews reported on Thursday.

Both suspects are held in connection with a plot to assassinate Israeli businessmen in Cyprus.

Israel claimed from day one that the 38-year-old Russian national of Azeri descent was operating for Iran but police in Cyprus had initially dismissed this possibility.

In the meantime, the 27-year-old Pakistani delivery man was arrested in Paphos on Tuesday after the personal data of the Azeri was examined.

Police insiders said the assassination plot was to take place on a specific day celebrated by Muslims and this leads to the conclusion the alleged killers wanted to send a message.

A week ago, Nicosia district court extended the detention of the Azeri suspect who was arrested in Nicosia on September 27.

Police had said that when he was intercepted a pistol with a silencer were found in his rental vehicle.

Philenews also reported that the Azeri suspect is thought to have arrived in Cyprus 20 days prior to his arrest but have not traced where he was staying prior to his arrest.

Authorities believe he may have been staying in the Turkish-held breakaway north of the divided island.



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