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Ayia Napa wants action to curb noise pollution

Ayia Napa Mayor Yiannis Karousos has once again sounded the alarm over noise pollution, telling Radio Active that he was daily a recipient of complaints from locals and tourists fed up with the noise.

Karousos spoke of lawlessness. This is the third consecutive summer that a law approved in 2016 has not been implemented. Interior Minister Constantinos Petrides submitted amendments to the law to the House of Representatives but these have yet not been taken up, philenews notes.

“We are destroying our tourism and creating a negative image,” the mayor said. Ayia Napa was at risk of losing repeat visitors and locals are fed up, he added.

Karousos did not rule out the possibility the municipality may take drastic action since he was under pressure from Ayia Napa residents to stage a protest outside parliament.

Noise pollution is a problem not only for Ayia Napa but other towns, he noted.

Yesterday, Karousos posted on Facebook one complaint he had received from an apartment owner in the centre.  “Mayor, our clients can’t sleep and we will go bankrupt. Our place ‘shakes’ until 3.30 am. What should I do? They stay one night and leave the next morning, they post their comments on line and we don’t get any new bookings.”  And the mayor added: “When there is a simple issue that affects the quality of life of residents and of tourists and the solution has been submitted but not been voted by parliament, then we get what we will deserve.”

Discussion of the bill aiming to tackle noise pollution from night clubs dates back to 2007, eventually leading to approval of legislation in 2016 which however has failed to resolve the problem as authorities are unable to implement its provisions.

It would require authorities to set a noise ceiling with inspectors charged to ensure compliance by  owners and managers of night clubs.  That law also sets limits to sound levels outside the clubs so as not to disturb residents.

Philenews notes that authorities would need to buy equipment of some €1.5m so as to carry out the necessary checks. It also points out that police has indicated that  they are busy with other, more important issues than noise pollution.

Philenews also points out that night club owners are advised by their legal counsel not to comply with the law since they cannot be convicted because of loopholes.

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