NewsLocalAyia Napa names 12 Norwegians as "Ambassadors of Tourism"

Ayia Napa names 12 Norwegians as “Ambassadors of Tourism”

The municipality of Ayia Napa named twelve people from Norway as “Ambassadors of Tourism 2019” on Friday.

Mayor Giannis Karousos awarded them with a commemorative plaque in a small ceremony held at the town hall.

The people who received the award were:

  • Toril Elisabeth and Werner Gudbrandsen who visited Ayia Napa 80 times
  • Geraldine Esther Loose who visited Ayia Napa 55 times
  • Lillian Marie Land, Kollbjørn Bogen, Per Aslak and Kari Adland who visited Ayia Napa 30 times
  • Arne Kristoffer and Tove Marion Sollid who visited Ayia Napa 28 times
  • Jan Agnar and Signy Marie Kletteng who visited Ayia Napa 21 times
  • Oddny Karoline Andreassen who visited Ayia Napa 20 times

“As regular visitors they officially belong to the big family of Ayia Napa,” mayor Karousos said.

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